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Revision as of 09:11, 27 August 2015 by Guaka (talk | contribs) (:Hi Marco, good to see your edits and questions! :*There's nothing at I think you mean, and yes, I'm not a fan of DokuWiki and is run by someone else. Wouldn't be easy to "connect" these two pro)
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not getting an idea.. is that by the way the proper way to answer you? YouThink is not the worst idea you had ;) Bea

the section about food should be more elaborated, il would like to organise some divisions as (must still brainstorm) How to replace animal products, Basic ingredients (grains, cereals, soj, beans, rice, salt, sugar), basics of cooking (bread, pasta), and real elaborate recipes, would it be ok ? Gilgamesh67

Sure! I'm looking forward, just add brackets to whatever you think could be articles. Structure will appear magically :) Guaka (talk) 22:50, 19 February 2013 (CET)

on the top I just added testimonials, and vegan meli_melo, i think keepeing a place for testimonials could be interesting, with meli-melo I felt it usefull to talk about ... everything, shorts subjects not fitting in the other part of the wiki, as veganism and nudism (don't laugh I am serious and even those people are looking really cool and cooking like chef) veganism and politics, veganism and anarchism, dumpster diving, other alternative ways of life etc What do you think ? we can cancel or change place. About french yes I will this evening, but my first idea was to first give organisation and corp tho the wiki using the universal langage, if my bd english sucks too much just say it  ;oD Hugs --Gilgamesh67 (talk) 18:04, 21 February 2013 (CET)


Spam robots have already found and are creating fake accounts to advertise websites or products (e.g. User:DwayneVig). It seems that we need more sophisticated human recognition tool than asking new users to do simple math (e.g. 8–2=?). Can that be implemented? Linas

Working on it. Only saw your message now that I checked recent changes. I had to confirm my email address :) Guaka (talk) 11:53, 7 March 2013 (CET)


moved to project:Community portal

FB Vegan Travel Community

Hi Guaka

I just found this VeganWiki today. I wrote also a message on to ask the founder of the group to comment on contribution to VeganWiki or any other platform to share information for Vegans as the FB page does not have any features to have a serious documentation like an up to date MediaWiki.

I registered myself and noticed the following things:

  • runs on DokuWiki and has issues when you open it, what's the status there and why is it not connected with this MediaWiki-Server?
  • I added Switzerland on the main page with the assistant, nothing happend on the mainpage (probably it's a protected page)?

Can you say something about your Vegan community like how long does it exist, how many people are actively working on it and how long will the VeganWiki project last if more people are joining and creating traffic, does the banner on the bottom finance it for itself?

Thanks and have a good day!

Marco, 27 August 2015‎

Hi Marco, good to see your edits and questions!
  • There's nothing at I think you mean, and yes, I'm not a fan of DokuWiki and is run by someone else. Wouldn't be easy to "connect" these two projects. I support any free licensed (ideally Creative Commons CC-BY-SA) projects though.
  • The Main Page is protected but the country list on the main page is created through a Semantic MediaWiki query. After you created Switzerland it was added automatically (but because of cache it may have taken more time).
  • Special:Statistics would have been interesting if it wasn't for a recent spam attack. Veganwiki is not extremely active, but it's also not dead. It's growing slowly, also for Google results. I think it could grow faster at some point, e.g. because of promotion in some FB group ;) Problem remains that MediaWiki is not the most user friendly for random people to edit and add stuff.
  • I'm happy to help with anything. Good to see your questions. Note that you can sign with ~~~~.
Thanks, Guaka (talk) 09:11, 27 August 2015 (CEST)