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'''While great care has been taken to provide this list of vegan & gluten free options food suppliers frequently change and we HIGHLY recommend speaking with a chef especially if you have a serious allergy. <br>
Please note the below options list both the vegan and gluten free modification. If there is no modification listed you can order the dish as-is.
== '''Around the Parks''' ==
French Fries (almost every venue has dedicated fryers for french fries. fast food boulevard, harry potter, finnegan’s, bigfire & wimpy’s locations are NOT gluten free as they are battered)<br>
Fruit Cup<br>
== '''Universal Studios''' ==
'''Universal’s Classic Monsters Cafe'''<br>
BBQ Roasted Jackfruit Salad (need remove farro to make gluten free) will need to check if Italian & balsamic dressings are gluten free<br>
Leprechauns Rainbow<br>
Beyond Shepherds Pie<br>
'''Lombards Seafood Grille'''<br>
San Francisco Cobb Salad (remove bacon, cheese, egg & vinaigrette)<br>
Harvest Salad (remove cheese & chicken)<br>
'''WWHOHP/Diagon Alley'''<br>
Veggie Platter (no bread)<br>
Breakfast Baked Beans<br>
Baked Tomato<br>
Sautéed Mushrooms<br>
Breakfast Potatoes<br>
'''London Potato Jacket Stand'''<br>
Baked Potato with Beans or Broccoli (remove butter)<br>
'''Today Cafe'''<br>
Overnight Oats<br>
Açaí Bowl (no granola)<br>
Kale with Oven Roasted Chicken (remove chicken, cheese & dressing)<br>
SOHO (remove prosciutto, farro & dressing)<br>
Roasted Root Beets & Carrots (remove cheese & dressing)<br>
Chinatown Chicken Salad (remove chicken, dressing & cashews)
'''Schwab’s Pharmacy'''<br>
Various Sorbet Flavors<br>
Pineapple Dole Whip<br>
== '''Islands of Adventure''' ==
'''Croissant Moon Bakery'''<br>
Power Salad (remove cheese & dressing)<br>
Roasted Broccoli & Kale Salad (remove dressing)<br>
'''Confisco Grille'''<br>
Hummus (no herbed flatbread)<br>
Pad Thai (ask for gf/v, no chicken or shrimp, add tofu)<br>
'''Thunder Falls Terrace'''<br>
Jackfruit Rice Bowl (remove cheese)<br>
Rotisserie Chicken Salad (remove chicken, nuts & dressing)<br>
Roasted Corn on the Cob (no butter packet)<br>
Roasted Potatoes<br>
White Rice with Cilantro & Lime<br>
Black Beans<br>
'''The Burger Digs'''<br>
Spring Salad (remove dressing)<br>
'''WWOHP/Hogsmeade/Three Broomsticks'''<br>
Baked Potato (remove butter & sour cream)<br>
Garden Salad with Italian Dressing (remove croutons)<br>
Breakfast Baked Beans<br>
Grilled Tomato<br>
Sautéed Mushrooms<br>
Old Fashioned Steamed Oats<br>
Breakfast Potatoes<br>
'''Doc Sugrue’s Kebab House'''<br>
Greek Salad with Hummus (remove cheese)<br>
Vegetarian Kebab (remove tzatziki sauce & pita)<br>
'''Fire-Eater’s Grill'''<br>
Crispy Greens Salad with Falafel (remove tzatziki & cheese, italian dressing only)<br>
Peanut Butter Hummus (remove pita)<br>
'''Mythos Restaurant'''<br>
Mezze Platter (remove pita & babaganoush, ask for raw veggies to dip)<br>
Mixed Baby Greens Salad (remove cheese, croutons, dressing)<br>
Pad Thai (ask for gf/v, no chicken or shrimp, add tofu)<br>
'''Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendous'''<br>
Tropical Grilled Chicken Salad (remove chicken, breadstick and dressing)<br>
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