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This article aim is to identify and study the linkages and bridges between veganism and other ways of life, thought, or philosophies.

Veganism and Politics

If we cannot reduce veganism to a particular political group, one can not deny that the vegan choice and adopting a vegan lifestyle is in itself a political act : the protection of animals, the antispécism, the ecological motivations, veganism seen as a means of regulating north-south trade, everything shows how vegans, whatever their motivations, are in the center of public life, in the center of the polis.

Veganism and anarchism

Many anarchists consider that the political struggle doesn't end with humans and choose to live a vegan lifestyle.

Veganism and esperanto

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Veganism and nudism

Veganism and nudism have been linked since their origins.Template:Citation needed

In France, the famous anarchist geographer Elysée Reclus is often considered one of the founders of French anarchism, veganism (he defined himselfas légumiste) but also of naturism.

Subsequently many naturist communities adopted the vegan lifestyle, and vice versa.

The justification of this linking may be as numerous as those for choosing a naturist lifestyle or a vegan one.

We can not deny that the two ways of life and thinking are based on a repositionement of the individual in his environment, reconsidering its relationship with nature, life in general, with each other, with the animals, the return to a lifestyle easier and with less artifice.

Moreover, we can only emphasize the quality of their culinary preparation which just gives some people the desire to undress...

This requires reliable sources :)