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To veganize something means to make it suitable for vegans. The most common thing that goes through such process is food. For example, meat in recipes is changed into soy meat or seitan, and milk into soy milk. Some foods can be veganized very easily, while others require more unusual ingredients. Some vegan versions of non-vegan foods are even discovered by making many experiments or purely by accident. E.g. did you know that you can get meringue-like fluff by simply whipping boiled flaxseeds? Apparently that is true.[1]

How to veganize...

  • Meat -> soy meat, seitan
  • Eggs -> milled flaxseeds, mashed banana, xantham gum
  • Milk -> soy milk, almond milk, rice milk
  • Gelatine -> agar agar
  • Pizza - for cheese use 1/2 mug hot apple sweetened soy milk with 1/2 mug of Rapeseed oil, emulsify with a hand blender and teaspoon of lime juice and tsp of mustard. Add insides of 1 small baked potato and a teaspoon of yeast extract (from Ultimate Book of Vegan Cooking )