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Veganwiki is a wiki with a mission. We want everyone to be vegan. You're still allowed to edit here if you don't completely agree with this stance, but still, this is the party line. However, we are still very happy to learn about vegetarian restaurants in cities where there are no vegan restaurants. As far as recipes, they should be 100% vegan.

molecularmachine on reddit: "If it works like a normal wiki where most anyone can edit it, this means this section will never be a knowledge base of quality. Veganism is an ethical philosophy, you don't follow ethical philosophies for your health, or any other purpose. If you're not in it for the ethics put forward from the vegan society, you are not following veganism and thus you are not a vegan. You may be an ass-kicking plant based/strict vegetarian person who is awesome, but not a vegan.""

Thanks for bringing this up. I see Veganwiki as a practical resource that inspires people to change their eating (and other) habits. It's great if a meat eater becomes vegetarian just as like it's awesome when a vegetarian decides to go 100% vegan. So anyone can edit, but if there's a meat eating animal hating vandal wreaking havoc their edits will quickly be reverted. In general edits from meat eaters are still very welcome, some of my friends have edited and eat meat now and then, but their edits where all in good faith.