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Animal rights graffiti in Vilnius. It says: "We are cared after worse than the worst criminals. And eventually killed." Note the parody on UN logotype: UN in Lithuanian is JTO, but they wrote JGO, which can be understood as United Animals Organization.

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania.

It is fairly easy to be a vegan here: even though many still won't know what veganism is, in general, there is a feeling that veganism is on the rise in Vilnius. Just 10 years or so ago, it was hard to find a vegetarian place in Vilnius - now there is plenty to choose from, including ordinary restaurants which started labeling vegetarian or even vegan dishes.

Vegan-friendly shops

  • Sveiki Produktai around the city and webshop




  • Ajurvedine Virtuve
  • Anayor
  • Balti Drambliai Vegetarine Kavine
  • Vegafe, all vegan options on the menu are marked with a little carrot