Why become vegan

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There are a number of reasons why people become vegans. It could be an ethical choice (caring for animal rights), or for health reasons, or because of ones religious beliefs, or simply out of environmental or socio-economical concerns. But the reasons are not limited to those said above: some folks become vegans more out of curiosity, protest against society and the system, or just because it feels good.

Animal rights

Most animals for human consumption live short lives and in bad circumstances.


Meat and dairy are not great for your health.


Animals fart a lot. Seriously, animal husbandry is a major source of green house gases. Of course there's also the fact that a meat diet takes much more resources than a plant based diet. Intensive farming often pollutes waterways as well.

Religious beliefs

Many religions put restriction on what people are allowed to eat.

Socio-economical concerns

Meat is expensive.