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The Netherlands (Dutch: Nederland), also called Holland, is a country primarily located in Western Europe. Their biggest industrial city is Rotterdam.

Despite the ubiquity of cheese, the Netherlands has a growing vegan cuisine.

In 2019 it was reported that Vegan food sales were up 51%, while meat sales went down 9%[1].

Supermarket food

Peanut butter everywhere, and cheap! Some fake meats, such as Quorn, are not always vegan as it contains eggs and sometimes dairy. In many places you can also find some good Indonesian stuff like sambal and tempeh. Albert Heijn's pure chocolate spread is vegan but it's quite tasteless compared to the Cote d'Or spread you can get in Belgium.

Mink fur ban

In 2013, the Dutch government passed a ban on mink fur farming which was scheduled to be enacted in 2024.

In JUNE 2020 Members of Parliament voted to shut down all remaining mink fur farms — estimated at 128 farms — across the Netherlands in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 reported at 17 farms.

The Members of Parliament also voted to maintain the country’s existing ban on transporting mink and to prevent fur farms from restocking with mink[2].

Joanna Swabe, Senior Director of Public Affairs for Humane Society International, said, “The Dutch Parliament has said good riddance to an industry predicated on the out-dated idea that exploiting, depriving, and killing animals for frivolous fur fashion is acceptable. The Dutch government now has to take action to honor the Parliament’s wishes.”

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