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A popular animal rights symbol.

There is a multitude of activism in which some vegans take an active part. While most of it is centered on animal rights, a lot of vegans also participate in the activist work around other issues. Within the animal rights movement there are also a lot of different ways in which one can work and issues one can be centered around, we have for instance:

  • lobbying or producing propaganda
  • demonstrations
  • militant activism, such as freeing animals from fur-farms or labs.


There has also been some connections between feminism and the animal rights movement. For instance, [Carol J. Adams] wrote the book The Sexual Politics of Meat in which she argues that the idea of "personhood" was, until recently, regarded as something connected only to white men; that everyone else was percieved as an "other" - the other sex, other races, other species.


The typical circled "A" of anarchism intersected with a "V" for veganism.

There exists a strong connection between anarchism and veganism, probably because anarchism is a political ideology that is opposed to the construction of hierarchies. Veganarchists, as vegan anarchists are often called and call themselves, argue that the state and capitalism is oppressive to all animals - human and non-human alike. The ideology is also considered anti-speciecist, and connected - at least through practice - to ALF because of their use and promotion of direct action and illegal activities.

Consult the Veganarchism page on wikipedia for further reading.