Astrid och Aporna

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Astrid och Aporna is a vegetarian supermarket in Malmö, Sweden. The business started in 2007, because the founders wanted to show that vegan and vegetarian food could be fun, tasty and exciting for everybody. Since then, Astrid och Aporna has started to produce their own vegan products and they have quickly become popular in Sweden. They sell a wide range of products, both their own and others, that includes organic vegetables and a few organic dairy products. They also supply vegan products to local restaurants in Malmö.


As stated above, Astrid och Aporna has developed a wide range of their own vegan products. A few examples of these are:

  • A collection of different vegan sausages
  • 8 different cheeses, 3 of which are soy-free
  • A couple of fish-like products
  • Mayonnaise

These are just examples, for a full list of their products visit their webpage.


Astrid och Aporna (in swedish)