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Restaurant name: Govinda's

Address: address::Brogatan 11 In city::Malmö

Cuisine type: Vegness::Vegetarian Olive green check.svg

Website: website::

Phone number: (+46) 40 308 108

Opening times: Mon-sat: 11.30 - 15.30

Last checked

last checked::2013/12/26 (please change the date if your visit was more recent)



Govinda's is a restaurant situated in a basement in Malmö, in the are of Lugnet. It is pretty cozy, although the part where you get your food sometimes feels a little like a school cafeteria. All the food is vegetarian, but you can get a vegan and/or glutenfri alternative if you ask for it. The food is good and you get very full, since there is a main course, a soup, bread, and a sallad bouffe all at once. Only lunch times.