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Istanbul is a city in Turkey. There are many vegan alternatives around, from specific restaurants to street food.

Street Food

etsiz çiğ köfte - traditionally made with raw meat, it became illegal to sell that version (although if you are offered homemade çiğ köfte it is likely meat, so ask). luckily they decided to make it vegan-friendly! it contains bulgar, tomato paste, red pepper paste, spices, chopped onions, and green onions, fresh mint and parsley, pomegranate syrup, and lemon are added. it is eaten as a dürüm with bread (3TL), or you can buy a porsiyon with just the ingredients for about 6 to 10TL.

Mercimek çorbası and ezogelin çorbası (lentil soup) - available in lokantas and restaurants everywhere, normally between 1 and 3 lira. occasionally made with fat however, so ask if you can! comes with free bread always.

Fasulyeli Pilav (beans and rice) - occasionally cooked with chicken or beef broth, so ASK! costs around 3TL, very filling. also available in kiosks, restaurants, and lokantas.

Restaurants - vegetarian indian restaurant in Beyoğlu with plenty of vegan options, mains typically less than 10TL. not bad food, but there are better places that other people can add.

Felafel House - just off taksim square, walk down the street next to simit sarayı, perpendicular to cümhuriyet cadessi, about 100m down. dürüm for 6TL, highly recommended.

really there are plenty more if you do some research and have some cash to spare.


some good phrases - etsiz mi bu? (is this without meat?)

et yada tavuk suyu var mı içinde - does this have meat or chicken stock

substitute et for these other words:

balık - fish

süt - milk

yumurta - egg

tavuk - chicken

peynir - cheese

tereyağı - butter

yoğurt - yogurt