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München is Bavaria's capital in Germany and has a few explicitly vegan places, even if in general the city doesn't seem to be so vegan-friendly. The local Bavarian cuisine is actually exactly the opposite.

The extremely high rent all over the city, and the loss of more alternative culture to populate such locations, makes it really hard to keep a restaurant up, so often it's just a matter of time before it has to shut down - like the fantastic Kopfeck, the Kaede, the Zerwirk, or Fräulein Müller Brotzeitladen, all gone by now.

Restaurants and Cafés

  • Tushita Teehaus, with a wide selection of great teas, all of them organic. There is always at least two dishes, one dish of the day and one sandwich, different every day (sometimes even pizza). A lot of cakes, also smoothies. Everything is vegan. It's in Klenzestr. 53, D-80469 München, open Mo-Fr from 09:00 to 20:00 and Saturday 10:00 to 20:00.
  • Pavesi Picnic, in Schwabing, friendly people, all vegan, local ingredients for the big part, menu depends on a season, really good Indian food like Masala Dosa.
  • Ballabeni next to the Pinakothek der Moderne is a popular place and therefore it is always crowded there, one has to wait up to 15 mins till one can order. But the ice cream is excellent, vegan and self-made.
  • There are more restaurants like Charlie with Vietnamese cuisine, and Roecklplatz where they aim to support "socially disadvantaged" teens through training and work - these places are not vegetarian or vegan at all, but have some OK selection of vegan food nonetheless. Sababa has good falafel.


There are two vegan Voküs (= Volksküchen, "public kitchen", i.e. there is free food on a regular basis) in München.

  • Every Wednesday and Friday at Marat.
  • Every second Thursday of the month at the trailer park Stattpark Olga, drinks on donation, often accompanied by a free concert or event.

Fashion Stores

There are four vegan fashion stores in Munich:

  • Dear Goods is a small chain of vegan, organic, and fair trade fashion. They operate three stores in Munich, two in Glockenbach and one in Schwabing.
  • Veganista is a vegan, fair trade and organic fashion store in Maxvorstadt where you can also sit down and get some coffee and cookies.

Dumpster diving

Much of vegetables and fruits in this city can be acquired by practice of dumpter diving. See Trashwiki for more info.

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