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'''Beetlejuice Tent | KidZone'''<br>
'''Beetlejuice Tent | KidZone'''<br>
Twisted Taters<br>
Twisted Taters<br>
Flavors: Seasoned Salt + Ghost Pepper<br>
Flavors: Seasoned Salt + Ghost Pepper (also gluten free)<br>
'''Tooth Fairy Tent | Music Plaza'''<br>
'''Tooth Fairy Tent | Music Plaza'''<br>

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HHN30 Menu

The Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin Food Tent | Simpsons Bridge
Pumpkin Guts
Butternut Squash + Zucchini Noodles Sauteed with Hazelnuts, Pumpkin Seeds and “Brown Butter” Served over Roasted Delicata Squash (also gluten free)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Food Tent | Gramercy Park
Grandmaw’s Skeleton Tray
Plant-based Sausage & Chicken with Pickles, Coca Cola BBQ on White Bread

Beetlejuice Tent | KidZone
Twisted Taters
Flavors: Seasoned Salt + Ghost Pepper (also gluten free)

Tooth Fairy Tent | Music Plaza
Shattered Glass Candied Apple

The Haunting of Hill House | Nell’s Tea Party Tent | KidZone
Tempeh Reuben
Lightlife Tempeh, Daiya Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut and Plant Based Thousand Island Dressing on Marble Rye Bread

Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe
German Dumpling filled with Vegan Meat

Jack’s Place & Carnival Courtyard
No “Chance” In Hell PB&J
Fried Peanut Butter & Jelly (Uncrustable) Sandwich, need to remove hot honey drizzle to make vegan

Note that the following can be made vegan with modifications:
Pizza Fries - Sauce & Fries Only
S’Mores Fries - Sweet Potato Fries & Chocolate Syrup Only
Fryer & Ice - No Soft Serve

HHN30 Tribute Store
Vegan Brownie

All Hallows Eve | Five & Dime
The Director’s Blood-Soaked Popcorn
Rock Candy