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The classic circled "A" of anarchism intersected with a "V" for veganism.

Veganarchism or vegan anarchism is one of many specific anarchist ideological directions, combining the ideas of anarchism and veganism into an ideology concerned with the liberation of all animals - human and non-human alike - from the oppressive nature of capitalism and the state. It has been described as a vegan perspective on anarchism or an anarchist perspective on veganism.

Veganarchists often consider human supremacy or speciesism an oppressive force equal to racism, sexism, and capitalism, among others. They advocate revolution and direct action in the struggle against the state and human supremacy. Their end goal is called veganarchy, in which neither human nor non-human animals would be discriminated against or oppressed.


The term veganarchist was popularised by Brian A. Dominick in his 1995 pamphlet Animal Liberation and Social Revolution, in which he writes:

"In this essay I wish to demonstrate that any approach to social change must be comprised of an understanding not only of social relationships, but also between the relationships between humans and nature, including non-human animals. I also hope to show herein why no approach to animal liberation is feasible without a thorough understanding of and immersion in the social revolutionary endeavor. We must all become, if you will, 'veganarchists'."[1]

Anarchists then, according to Dominick, could and should incorporate an understanding of animal liberation into their opposition to the state and capitalism, and vegans should and could incorporate other struggles - such as anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-capitalism etc. - into their politics.

Direct Action

Veganarchists, as most other anarchists, propagate the use of direct action through both legal and illegal means. This can consist of, amongst other actions, liberating animals from farms or labratories or vandalising property. Veganarchism is in some ways, although unofficial, connected to the ALF, in both practice and ideology. ALF actions are normally supposed to be non-violent and to take precaution not to harm any living beings, but sometimes activists - although not necessarily veganarchists - have been known to commit violence towards other people; although they usually do this under other names than ALF, such as Animal Rights Militia - ARM.

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