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Veganwiki project pages: VPOV contains a more accurate up-to-date list of thing sto

Here's a totally incomplete list of things to do:


  • restaurants should show in city maps, Berlin
  • 100% vegan restaurants should also show in country maps


  • country templates, with convenient city lists, like cheaptravel:Form:Country
  • "add restaurant" from a city should already fill the city
  • add "location" or "how to find" section to restaurant template to provide more detailed explanation how to find the place (e.g. "take exit no. 2 from xxx metro station, turn right and walk for 100 meters. The restaurant will be on your left in brightly yellow building on the second floor.")
  • add stars or other kind of indicator to review section in restaurant template for ratings (maximum five/ten stars?)
  • add separate "pros" and "cons" lines to review section in restaurant template
  • add gallery section to restaurant template with all needed tools to easily upload images


  • write away all red links on main page
  • set up scribunto
  • add flag for organic restaurants
  • add picture upload to forms
  • add more things todo ;)