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Avocado is also a vegan restaurant in Gdańsk, Poland

Avocado is great food that grows in warm climats, primerly south America. It is tasty and chock full of good nutrients, particularly monounsaturated fat.


It's the main ingredient for Guacamole, which is one of the easiest and fastest things to make. It goes relly well in salads and milkshakes.

It's important that an avocado is ripe enough before opening it. Do not keep avocados in the fridge, they become very watery.

Toxicity to animals

Avocado leaves, bark, skin, and pit are documented to be harmful to animals; cats, dogs, goats, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, birds, fish, and horses can be severely harmed or even killed when they consume them.

The avocado fruit is poisonous to some birds and toxic to horses.