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The Open Vegetarian Association (OVA).

Open Letter to Change the Business of Vegetarian Associations/Societies/Foundations/Unions/Organization, see also: List of vegetarian organizations.

“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” Albert Einstein (non-vegan)

To whom it may concern

Dear interested vegetarian consumer or leader of any vegetarian Community around the globe!

The Open Vegetarian Association (OVA) idea/concept/draft is the first attempt, to bring all Vegetarian Organizations (Semi-Vegetarians, Vegetarians, Vegans worldwide (all continents) together with a few basic rules based on the view of an ethical consumer to work together on the #Agenda2030. Based on the idea of a Open society (concept from 1932) and Open data like Wikipedia, Veganwiki or similar Open Source or Open content projects.

I'm a global citizen and traveled all continents and (+50 out of 193 UN member states). The concept is different but borrowed from The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers which has a totally different view/approach and is not associated with me.

Thank you very much!

[email protected] Global citizen, living in Asia


The existing organizations like

  1. IVU (registered since 1908)
  2. EVU (registered since 1988)
  3. APVU (not registered)
  4. SEAVU (not registered)
  5. TVA (registered )
  6. Vegetarian Society (Singapore) (registered since 1999)
  7. Swissveg (registered since 1993)

and missing similar organizations on a global level on the continents like

  1. Africa
  2. North america
  3. South America
  4. Oceania

Just to show what dilemma we have (if there are people, please get in contact with [email protected]). Their views and believes have no expiry date.


  • To become a member, you need to read, understand, sign and support the 17 specific UN SDGs actively with your actions
  • Participate in the Vegetarian Progress Index
  • The deadline or expiry date of this organization is 2030 (starting from 2015), there will be a follow-up organization, but for the time being this organization is for the Sustainable Development of the Vegetarian Community worldwide.
  • Accept and actively support the "Global Goals"

Global Goals

1. Educating with this topic in mind: In terms of "minimal education", the joining individual or organization should be able to understand and teach others (consumers, customers, companies or other interested parties) the basic principles of Vegetarianism (related to food in general) Vegetarisnism related topics like, but not limited to topics like: Ethics of eating meat, Sustainable diet, Health, Vegetarianism and religion, Environmental vegetarianism or also specific topics like: Consumer protection, cosmetics, Malnutrition, Animal rights which is more related to Veganism (but not limited to) but alwways with the VegPOV in mind.

2. Creating a community which is independent form the following topics:

  • Politics (we don't follow/support any specific politic views)
  • Religion (we don't follow/support any specific religious views)
  • Culture (we are all Vegetarian people and haven an open mind for different views and understanding, there is enough other fights going on on this planet)

3.Engaging everyone with "basic goals" in English

  • To make sure that we all work on the same goals, we engage in the UN SDGs Agenda and make our volunteer work a valuable part of the next 15 years (If we are still here in this planet, we can create new goals), until than we stick on the #Agenda2030 by the UN.
  • Language (we use and accept English as the Universal Language)

Commercial Goals

  • Support free education for vegetarians and interested parties (making $ not allowed), for e.g. providing access to Statistics in your Region
  • OVA does not impact your local business / memberships or commercial activities as long as they actively support the 17 specific SDGs ($)
  • Make regional events happen ($)
  • Promote the Vegetarian Label as Universal Label for a plant-based diet ($)

($) simply allows everyone to charge or not to charge money for that specific topic.


  • Phase 1 (2015): Drafting the idea, I'm collecting inputs from various Organizations to learn and add more specifics to this Open letter which is distributed to all vegetarian organizations, which I can reach via E-Mail, Facebook over the Internet and also Offline in person. If you want to contact me, please send your message to [email protected] Thank you for your attention/interest!
  • Phase 2 (2015): Planing, sorting the details I get from everywhere.
  • Phase 3 (2015): Action, founding associations on all continents and make this simple idea happen.
  • Phase 4 (2016): Review, look that we implement what was originally planned

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