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celebrities promoting veganism

In the last couple of years we witness a growing trend in vegan celebrities.

Famous people can use their exposure and popularity to bring the topic of going vegan for moral, environmental and health reasons closer to the public and by doing so inspire and encourage many to reduce consumption and learn more about it.

Animal rights organisations who have used celebrities in their campaigns have experienced positive results. Celebrities can significantly help reducing animal suffering by reaching the large audience on TV and social medias. For example: Joaquin Phoenix has narrated Earthlings and talked about Veganism at the Oscars; Ellen Degeneres a big animal right advocate, used her show platform to talk about turning vegan after watching Earthlings; Peter Dinklage has also been quoted often in his plee to reduce animal suffering; Mayim Bialik wrote a vegan cook-book, Justin Timberlake did a vegan skit on SNL[1] and Miley Cyrus talked about becoming vegan after adopting a pig as a pet.

Ways in which celebrities can spread the vegan message include: twitting about the cause, posting on instagram, posting on facebook, representing an organisation in campaigns, participating in demonstrations and related activities.

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